All-in-one solution for independent hotels

Bellboy’s web-based PMS provides users with a comprehensive and advanced solution for all hotel operations including innovative PMS, POS and Spa management. Additional management tools and modules aimed at improving business decision making and increasing RevPAR, such as Revenue Management, Business Intelligence (BI), on-line competitors pricing, "guest value" calculation and more…

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Bellboy Hotel Management System has an easy-to-use interface, accessible from any computer or tablet, and supports all currencies and languages. Interfacing with online reservation channels and various back office applications, hoteliers worldwide enjoy using the robust Bellboy Hotel Management System utilizing valuable information available at their fingertips, about actual performance versus goals relating to occupancy, RevPAR, ADR and Total Revenue.

Modules included for independent hotels

The reservations module provides complete functionality for handling reservations
Displays only the relevant rates per room Receiving a party reservation Displays the relevant rates per room Booking a party (several rooms) reservation Displaying competitor pricing on a new reservation screen Auto-defining of returning guests (or existing guest’s) profile Managing the offering of additional services Pricing additional services according to sales channel Access to guest data from new reservation screen
Single guests, parties or groups Integrated Gantt bar charts for optional use for reservations Manual or automated room blocking by using the ‘matching’ process Importing a rooming list from an excel sheet Overbooking management Receiving down payments Enhanced room-sharing functionality Adding additional services to a reservation Receiving reservations from external entities (channels) Providing optional reasons for upgrading to VIP status
Includes all functions relevant to the hotel housekeeping including:
Managing room housekeeping statuses Managing linen changing according to hotel policy Closing rooms (‘out of order’ and other statuses) Allocating maids and supervisors to hotel locations
Accounting and Payments
An integral part of the system is the accounting functionality.
‘Care of’ between several guest accounts for automated transfer of charges Folio routing within reservations Automatic installments by customer type Multi-currency Agent commission handling
Direct and automatic charging of guest accounts Generating invoices Receiving all types of tenders, including PCI DSS standard credit cards clearance Managing sub accounts of a reservation Managing agent commissions Interface with hotel bookkeeping
Price Lists
Includes a wide range of features that enables flexibility and monitoring of pricing of the various hotel services offered to different sales channels.
Ability to incorporate into a price list services that are not related to room or board, such as spa treatments Creating a price list using a wizard and templates The option to apply a price change for a specific room type without changing the rate for the entire hotel
Rate plans using the BARs mechanism Multiple distribution tables Pricing according to guest combination and additional services 5 different types of templates for quick price-list creation Specific rates for market segments, channel distribution and special agreements Linked price lists
The system enables to assign a special price for a limited period.
Creating a promotion using the wizard The option of defining promotions not only for room price Changing the meal plan within a special promotion Creating a promotion from an existing price list and keeping the link between them
Free or discounted rate for the room Free or discounted meal Free or discounted night VIP benefits Extra meal included with reservation Additional free or discounted services
Control Centre & House Count
This module provides different options of viewing data regarding all the hotel services, for ongoing monitoring and analysis, price management, and future predictions based on forecasting.
Users!select!any type of data to be displayed Predefining authorizations of ‘layers’ of data that employees can access Decision makers can view business data and make changes on the spot
Central graphical display of all hotel activities Displaying data by selecting month, week or day Displaying data according to room type Easy access to operational actions Managing restrictions, including min/max days through Overbooking management Managing rate levels of price lists Entering and changing daily guidelines for reservation department
Cellular Application
Using the Bellboy cellular app, after booking a room, guests can perform many functions from their smartphone. Through an easy-to-use interface hotel staff can manage written content, add push notifications and upload images, enabling guests to perform the following actions:
Reserving tickets for events or restaurants, spa treatments, and concierge services Updating preferences and reservation details Checking in View the account statement, pay and check out Ordering room service Reserving wake-up calls Ordering housekeeping services Receiving notifications about hotel activities, maps and weather updates Receiving Facebook notifications regarding impressions from friends who stayed in that hotel Link to Google street view, dictionary and currency converter, travel tips
The Bellboy system additionally enables hotel personnel to access many functions from smartphones and tablets such as: Hotel BI, perform competitor price analyses and much more.
Managing Sales Channels
The reservation system is divided into several different sales channels, enabling managers to assign rates and special deals to each customer originating from a specific sales channel. It additionally enables easy and transparent distribution of pricing information and room availability to the various sales channels.
Tailoring special rates per each sales channel Automatic distribution of updated availabilities and rates to the various sales channels Limiting certain parameters for specific customers in certain sales channels Ability to setup specific reservation rules for every combination of customer in any channel
Interface for incoming reservations from travel agents (physical and web-based)Bi-directional interface for OTA’s, Out-of-the-Box, and Expedia. Interfacing with marketing websites such as Simplex Automatic distribution of updated availabilities and rates to the various sales channels
Competitors Price
Ability to track competitor deals and offers as presented on various websites Before quoting a price for a room, the reservation representative can compare competitiors answer to same query Ability to choose who are the hotels relevant competitors the hotel wants to be compared to Mapping competitors offers prices per day Ability to view the various promotions and room combinations your competitors are offering online Help to increase own RevPAR by being ahead of competition
Real-time tracking of competitors’ prices, as displayed in global OTA sites, ensuring a competitive edge and smart pricing based on real prices Includes a screen that displays a list of competing hotels Displays competitor pricing on the reservation screen
Business Intelligence (BI)
The Business Intelligence (BI) module is integrated as part of the hotel management system, enabling Bellboy users to access and utilize comprehensive hotel BI for analysis of all hotels activities; identifying trends; tracking to what extent revenue targets, occupancy, ADR and RevPAR were met; pinpointing unusual events and more.
As the BI module is not provided by a 3rd party, but as a part of the Bellboy PMS, it allows for in-depth analysis of all activities within the hotels operations, guests and sales channels Modules are integrated into the system, eliminating the need for purchasing or installing additional components Displays trends and pinpoints unusual events Clear graphical data display Enables daily intuitive performance tracking
Analysis of reservations vs. cancellations Analysis of reservations and revenue Comparison between periods using a broad range of parameters Revenue analysis of customers and agents
Revenue Management
An engine that generates room price recommendations based on data from the hotels’ history, using predicted room availability, competitor prices and hotel policy to increase RevPAR. Price sensitivity to customers is an additional parameter, based on conversion rate data from the hotel website and from the reservation system.
A proprietary Bellboy module not provided by 3rd party, thus maximizing all PMS data available Price optimization for maximizing occupancy and increasing yield Price recommendations are generated automatically with no additional effort of hotel personnel Competitive positioning that is qualitative and measurable
The system generates daily price recommendations, by considering: Room availability Lead time Price sensitivity according to amount of reservations from the hotel website and the reservation module Comparison with competitor prices Extensive ‘Rules’ mechanism enabling the hotel to define a set of pricing rules according to its pricing policy
Sales Quotations
This module comprises a single platform for managing all bidding and communication with external entities, providing the ability to generate reservation quotes for groups, conferences, tenders and collaborations. It also provides the ability to prepare several options within one bid.
Creating different types of quotes Ability to!create!quotes that include rooms and events in the same quote Using dedicated price lists for groups Applying a separate set of reservation restrictions for group reservations Creating a reservation from a quote and keeping the link between them
Creating quotes for rooms, events, agreements and bids Creating several alternatives within each quote Automated versioning of quotes Offering different room types within a quote Separate pricing options of rooms and additional services for the groups
Events Management
This module is intended for managing and pricing events, providing flexibility in allocating halls for various event types, planning according to number of participants, availability and more. Combined with the Sales Quotations module enables you to generate a price quote for just an event, or an event including rooms.
Intuitive calendar display for easy work process Managing halls, equipment and other resources Ability to print an event document for each department Integrated into the Sales Quotations module, enabling you to generate a price quote for an event that includes rooms
Creating and managing an event from the quote stage until the!end!of the event Allocating halls, equipment and other resources required for the event An integral part of the hotel management system, any change in the event is reflected in all other modules
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
This module provides the ability to display and analyze system data regarding guests, and categorizes them by types, e.g., direct reservations, business guests or group guests. It provides the ability to manage guest profiles and preferences, and analysis of revenue per customer.
Assigning a ‘grade’ for a guest, based on several parameters, providing the hotel with a revenue “value” of each guest Ability to evaluate each guest in a simplified manner according to their 'grade', and take action accordingly Management and analysis of guest profiles and actions Refusal (turn down) analysis
Analyzing customer and agent revenues Guest management Compiling special marketing deals and distribution lists 360° customer account view
Guest Services
Managing all guest requests and repair requests in rooms and public areas; recommended duration of each repair; repair statuses; guest request history; repair history of a room or an area; alerts; automatic escalations
Managing public areas Access from mobile devices SMS to inform guest about the opening/ closing of a request
Managing an entire request lifecycle Defining duration standards for every request type Automated routing of requests to the appropriate department
This module provides hotels and spa resorts with comprehensive management features of its spa services.
Management of guests treatment history in an easy-to-use format Option to manage treatments using a Gantt chart screen Treatments can be sold, assigned and billed directly from the reservation system Accounting supports freelance spa personnel
Assigning spa personnel according to their qualifications Managing daily treatment schedule for hotel and outside guests Treatment room availabilities View schedule by treatment room or by assigned personnel Guest treatment history including individual health forms
Point of Sale (POS)
A restaurant level Point of Sale system offers hoteliers easy management of all restaurants, kiosks and shops located in a hotel, either from a cashier or using the Android app.
Native Android app with full offline functionality Graphical mapping of tables according to restaurant setup Setup of special offers such as 1+1, happy hour etc. Inventory and warehouses management Food costing
• Pricing items according to food departments • Creating menus Printing to various parts of the hotel (such as preparation instructions printed in the kitchen) Charging rooms according to guest’s balance Graphical mapping of tables ‘Waiter-checker’ mode
Embedded Fax or Mail Inbox
This module enables the hotel to receive emails and faxes directly into the system, with the ability to display side by side with reservation screens, tagging and archiving items.
• Working with email attachments • Ability to send confirmation email automatically upon reservation creation • Tagging an item to several entities together
Managing unlimited number of fax/mail queues Receiving emails and faxes directly into the system Attaching an email or fax automatically Managing unlimited number of faxes in an email archive Attach emails and faxes to a guest, a reservation, an event or a quote